5 Easy Ways to Avoid the Freshman 15

The term “freshman 15” is used to describe the increase in weight experienced by students heading off to college for the first time. The combined freedom and responsibility can lead to a number of unhealthy eating and lifestyle habits that can really pack on the pounds. The first line of defense against any obstacle is the awareness that it exists. The second is a willingness to do something about it. For teens who want to take action against the “Freshman 15,” following these easy steps will not only make you immune to the phenomenon, but you can be in the best shape of your life at the end of your first year. !

1. Reduce your alcohol consumption – Actually, I’m not asking you to avoid alcohol completely (although that’s not a bad idea), I’m just suggesting that you be aware of how many drinks you had during a week. When you know that number, cut it to 20% by the end of the first week, 30% by the second, 40% by the third, and 50% by the end of the first month. Alcohol contains a lot of extra calories which lead to unhealthy weight gain. Look for ways to cut calories by choosing a light beer or wine mixed with diet soda instead of regular soda.

2. Schedule Exercise – Treat exercise like you would a class and put it in your daily planner. Look at your week and set aside certain days and times that you can consistently commit to exercising. You have to be specific to make this technique successful. You’ll need to determine the day, start time, end time, and the type of exercise you’ll be doing. I promise you that if you treat exercise like a class, you’ll be less likely to forget or miss it. You also avoid the stress associated with trying to “find” the time because you’ve already “made” the time. All you have to do is show up.

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3. Get more sleep – When you don’t get enough sleep or you don’t get enough deep sleep, the body has increased levels of cortisol, a stress hormone that is directly responsible for body fat, especially in the belly In area. Research clearly shows that people who get 7 hours or more of sleep per night tend to be thinner than those who only get 5 or 6 hours of sleep. Cramming for mid-terms and finals all night and partying too late are two areas you need to examine and make adjustments. Something as simple as a “scheduled nap” can help not only with your energy levels and focus, but with weight loss as well.

4. Avoid late night meals – Consuming calories later in the evening will definitely lead to unwanted weight gain, especially if those calories are from fast food, take-out or vending machines. As the saying goes, “Those who fail to plan, plan to fail.” If you know you’ll be studying late, or going out with your friends, go grocery shopping that day and stock up on healthy snacks like yogurt, fruit, air-popped popcorn, or carrots and hummus. Your calorie-friendly snacks will be waiting for you when you arrive at 3am.

5. Avoid fad diets – All diets have 2 things in common. They all work in the short term and eventually fail miserably. Diets lower your metabolism, cause cravings, mood swings, reduce energy and focus, eat away at your muscle mass, increase body fat levels, and ruin your confidence about successful weight loss. Are. Think about the whole reason you’re in college in the first place. You and your parents or guardians know that nothing comes easy in life. You are there because you understand that “it will be bigger later”. Take control now, don’t settle for dieting short-cuts, and you’ll never be a victim of the “Freshman 15.”

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Source by Mitchell P. Lee

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