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5 Ways Women Can Take of Their Mental Health in a Relationship



Mental Health Tips for Women: To combat mental health, it is crucial that women prioritize self-care and implement strategies that foster a feeling of fulfillment and belonging.


Mental Health Tips for Women: 5 Ways to Improve Peace in Your Relationship

Mental Health Tips for Women: Our society has conditioned us to see women as the foundation of a happy home through daily soups and Bollywood movies that romanticize the sassy girl in private and a doting daughter-in-law, a mother who is just a giver, and a supernatural woman. that never burns out (oops, is that possible?), a headstrong woman who hones the work-family balance, and glorifies that sacrifice is the greatest virtue of being a woman. India.com contacted Ms. Aakriti Sethi, Emotional Wellness Coach at Inner Verse Wellness regarding women’s mental health during a relationship. The expert reveals that so many women get carried away by these wavering expectations that they lose confidence and wonder who they really are and what they really want.


1. Accept yourself to evolve from within The magic of accepting yourself is a constant practice. Take out your journal and write about the following:

  • What are the five things I like about myself?
  • What bothers me but I don’t find it difficult to say ‘No’?
  • When I compare myself to other people, what are the benchmarks and where did I learn that from?
  • How would my life be different if I didn’t know about these parameters that lead me to the comparison?
  • Who in my life do I fully accept? What is special about this person that I don’t judge or accept them unconditionally?
  • How will others perceive me when I start to fully accept me?
  • What is one consistent practice that can help me stay on this journey of accepting myself as I am?
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These are your cues to embrace every part of yourself: the good parts and the not-so-good parts. Only when we accept ourselves do we take a step towards our authenticity, which allows us to witness change for personal growth.

2. Assertive communication: Assertiveness is ‘the quality of being self-assured and confident without being aggressive, passive, or passive-aggressive’. The ability to confidently and unapologetically express your needs and desires while maintaining a respectful space for opinions and disagreements. Valuing yourself is not a gift, but something you deserve by nature. Use ‘I’ statements to express your feelings and suffice with your need and possible options to receive them.

3. Learn ways to regulate your nervous system: Regulating our nervous system reduces the chances of stress and helps us better manage our intense and triggering emotions. Intentional acts performed daily with the intention of nourishing yourself are a must, whether it be mindfulness, yoga, meditation, exposure to sunlight, exercise routines, art, music, jumping on the trampoline, dance, digital detox, hugging a pet, spirituality, deep breathing, nature walks, stargazing, or any hobby. Lifestyle changes can boost your immune system and help your body work through stressors with kindness and ease.

4. Build your community and support system: Take advantage of your girl’s tribe! Foster relationships with friends, family, or support groups that provide understanding and empathy. Engaging in meaningful connections, especially activities you enjoy, allows women to share meaningful connections and share experiences, seek guidance, and gain perspective on how to handle life’s stressors. Wow, join that cycling group, the dance class, the art house, the pottery workshop, the book club, the riding club, the ‘kitten’ group, the community circle, whatever resonates with you. with you at that time. And know, it’s okay to try a few things to find out what really appeals to you.

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5. Seek professional medical help: Know that it is okay to seek medical help for mental health problems. Stop hesitating to see a psychiatrist if mental health problems last for at least two weeks and make it difficult for you to function on a daily basis. Psychoeducating yourself can enable you to gain insight into concerns and facilitate productive ways of managing. When you’re ready, you may want to consider sharing your journey of what helped you with others and removing the stigma around mental health issues.

Channeling our authentic inner selves requires us to come out authentically, which may require removing several layers of stereotypical conditioning. Taking small intentional steps and reflecting on your decisions big and small with compassion can go a long way.

Published Date: June 1, 2023 6:26 PM IST




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