A deadly meat-eating bacteria has caused panic in Japan: if it stays in the body for 48 hours, it can kill you.

Dangerous disease in Japan: A rare and deadly disease caused by a flesh-eating bacteria is spreading rapidly in Japan. The name of this disease is streptococcal toxic shock syndrome. It is an aggressive disease that can be fatal within 48 hours of infection. According to information, this terrible disease is caused by flesh-eating bacteria. Cases of the disease are increasing rapidly in Tokyo, the capital of Japan.

People over 30 become victims

In Tokyo alone, 145 cases were recorded in the first half of 2024. According to a report in local newspaper Asahi Shimbun, most cases were found in people over 30 years old, while the mortality rate of this disease amounts to 30%.

Japanese news agency Keck reports that as of June 2, 2024, 977 cases of the disease have been reported in Japan, while a total of 941 cases were recorded last year. According to the report, foot injuries are particularly susceptible to infection by streptococcal bacteria and blisters or minor injuries can trigger it. In elderly patients, there may be at least 48 hours between infection and death.

Causes of Strep Toxic Shock Syndrome

According to the Cleveland Clinic, toxic shock syndrome can occur when bacteria enters open sores, cuts, or wounds on your body. This may be due to a skin infection, surgery, childbirth or a nosebleed, which requires urgent and rapid treatment to stop it. Additionally, the risk of STSS in women at highest risk may be increased by the use of tampons.

Symptoms of this deadly disease

pain or swelling
Low blood pressure
These symptoms can lead to breathing problems, organ failure, and can even be fatal. This disease can be more serious in people over 50 years old. The dire situation of this disease is that if the patient does not receive treatment within 48 hours, he may even die. To prevent this disease, it is important that bacteria do not grow, so wash your hands from time to time. Take care of hygiene and maintain sufficient distance from the infected person.

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