A Man’s Guide to Great Six Pack Abs in 1-2-3

Every man wants great looking abs muscles. Six pack abs give you a good looking body and the “trademark” of a sexy body. A perfect abs can be defined as the result of leanness; Well-sculpted midsections are the ultimate sign of extreme fitness and excellent sex-appeal for both men and women.

When we talk about diet, fat loss, weight loss, flat tummy or six pack abs, the first thing we should take care of is the level of fat in our body. Most people are not born with naturally low levels of body fat. So, to get an ideal body fat level, we had to work on our butts.

God is fair and everyone has a chance to get great six pack abs, you just have to take responsibility for working out with your body. Anyone who is willing to put in the effort can get amazing six pack abs within a few weeks or even a few months (depends on your body fat levels).

So, what are the 3 easy steps to get great six pack abs?

Declaration: These 3 proven steps for a great six pack abs do not involve any silly ab gadgets, no drugs or supplements. It is purely on your body workout.

1. Reduce Your Body Fat

To see real results of amazing six pack abs, you need to reduce your body fat to around 7-8% (for men) or 13-14% (for women).

So now the first step is to remove most of the extra fat from your body. this is easy!

But, reducing your body fat levels is not just dependent on exercise. The most effective and fastest formula to lose body fat is to change your dietary habits to a very ‘clean’ diet, do cardio 4 times per week, and strength train 3 times per week.

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What is a “clean diet”? It is based on protein, fiber and lots of water. And always keep in mind, all deep fried food, refined sugar, high cholesterol should be completely avoided.

Effective fat burning cardio is about 30 minutes and keep your heart rate at around 130-135/minute.

Strength training should focus on the abs. It should be short and to the point. Keep reps/sets in the 15-20 range and do no more than 4 sets per body part and 15 total sets per strength training section. The best options for strength training are squats, dead lifts, bench presses, pull-ups, barbell rows, dips and barbell curls.

2. Build Stronger Abs

Once you’ve already shed most of the excess fat from your body, you’ll need to build stronger abs.

If you already work out with free weight exercises such as squats, dead lifts, bench presses, pull-ups, barbell rows, dips and barbell curls, your abdominal muscles are in great shape. And now it’s time to learn how to get a six pack fast. To reach the goal of six pack abs, you probably need to do a good amount of ab-specific exercises.

Many fitness trainers will tell you to do ab exercises that target your upper abs, lower abs, inner abs, outer abs etc. It is really a waste of time and you can forget about these useless activities. All you need to do are 3 movements that work your entire range of motion.

1.) Cycle Maneuver,

2.) Hanging Leg Raise, and

3.) Cell Panel.

It was proven by many fitness experts that the above three ab-exercises give good results in building good looking abs and also in developing functional core body strength.

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3.) Bring out the detail

This is going to make your six pack abs more visible. Many people have six pack abs but there are no good looking six pack abs. Why? Due to his light-skinned skin and body hair, details in his well-defined abdominal muscles are very hard to see.

So, how should we fix this? M.. I am sure you have got the answer. Yes, just by tanning, remove body hair.

The final step to getting great six pack abs is to get yourself a high quality self tanning lotion and a safe body hair removal product.

Source by Ally Chan

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