A single potato is enough to get rid of unwanted warts! learn how to use

Having a wart at the wrong place makes the whole face look bad. For example, having a wart on the face, neck, hands, legs, back starts getting bad. If you are also struggling with the problem of warts, then you can follow these home remedies. However, this is such an Ayurvedic remedy that can be used to get rid of your warts. 

Home remedies to remove warts‍

Apple vinegar

Using apple vinegar will eliminate your wart from the root. You apply this on warts for 3 days, it will cure it. Using apple cider vinegar will darken the color of the wart and then the skin will dry out. If there is any burning sensation then you can use aloe vera gel to cure wart slowly. 

Garlic cloves

Warts To remove it from the root, grind the garlic cloves and rub the garlic cloves on the warts. Make a paste of it and apply it on the warts. By doing this continuously, the wart will automatically fall. 

Lemon juice

Apply lemon juice on the warts. Take a cotton ball, dip it in lemon juice and apply it on the wart. By doing this continuously, your wart will fall. 

Potato juice

Cut the potato and rub it on the wart and do this continuously for 10 days. After time your wart will fall off. You can do one more thing. First of all, take out the potato juice and mix lemon juice in it and apply it on the warts.

Castor oil

You can also use castor oil. Can make the wart disappear. Baking powder can also be added over it. 

  These tips are of great use, you will definitely be useful in the rainy season

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