Aaron Carter’s Twin Angel Breaks Silence On His Mental Health Struggles And Strange Thoughts

Aaron Carter She suffered from darker demons than fans knew, and her twin sister, Angel, shed more light on the issues that played a role in her death.

The late singer’s sister recently revealed that her brother’s drug problems began at an early age, a struggle that worsened with their parents’ divorce. She also filed a restraining order against him when he began having disturbing thoughts.

Aaron Carter rose to fame as a teen idol in the late ’90s; However, his career declined amid his addictions until his accidental drug-related death.

Aaron Carter’s twin sister ‘had to protect him from himself’

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A video of Angel’s recent appearance on “Squeeze” podcast was shared on YouTube, capturing her emotional memory of Aaron’s mental health struggles and addictions. He recalled that her concern for his well-being increased in the summer of 2019.

At the time, Aaron allegedly suffered from bipolar disorders and schizophrenia, and his condition led to an episode of psychosis in which he told Angel about his thoughts of killing babies and how he had accumulated several weapons in a week.

Angel, who was A new mother to her daughter Harper Noelle Conrad, wasted no time in joining forces with his older brother, Nick, to stop Aaron from doing the unthinkable. The duo filed a restraining order against him, which resulted in the court confiscating the late singer’s guns.

“I had to protect him from himself,” Angel tearfully recalled, blaming his brother’s downfall on the years he was allegedly “exploited and used” by the people around him since he began his career at age 9.

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Angel Carter tried to save Aaron from his addictions

The mother of one boy dedicated years of her life to saving her twin brother from his addictions, however, she said Aaron often ignored her attempts to help him. “I couldn’t save him. It wasn’t my responsibility to save him, but I tried,” she lamented.

Recalling what led to Aaron’s troubles, Angel explained that his brother was the “breadwinner” of his family. However, that responsibility was a significant burden for a child, and he began experimenting with marijuana at age 12.

Things got worse with his parents’ divorce in 2003, when Aaron blamed himself for the separation and Angel noted, “He thought success destroyed the family.” Unfortunately, the singer later dabbled in “hard” drugs.

“He was experimenting with ecstasy and snorting cans of duster,” Angel recalled, emphasizing that he didn’t know Aaron had continued the “bad stuff” into his 20s until years later.

Aaron’s twin It was prepared for his death

During the interview, Angel dropped a shocking bombshell about his twin brother’s death. He confessed that he had prepared for Aaron’s final moments, noting that since his focus was on him, he never expected his sister, Leslie, to die of an overdose in 2012.

“What’s so interesting about Leslie’s passing (she passed away when I was 23) is that her death came as a complete surprise to me. I didn’t see it coming,” Angel said, adding:

“When she died, I was already in therapy preparing for Aaron’s death. I thought he was going to die. I feared it throughout my 20s. I found out this day. was going to “See, and I think he knew it too.”

Angel says his family has a “generational dysfunction problem”

This It is not the first time that Angel addresses Aaron’s death, since The explosion She reportedly spoke openly about the tragic loss of her siblings in a candid interview. During an appearance on “CBS Mornings” in April, the 36-year-old actress said:

“There’s certainly a generational dysfunction issue that goes along with it, but as far as growing up, there was a time when we were a… In fact “It was a very close family. There was a lot of love, but also a lot of chaos.”

Angel claimed that Carter’s bosses failed to provide stability for their children, claiming, “My parents were just fighting all the time, just dysfunction at home. No boundaries. No stability. No one to talk to.”

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Aaron Carter’s twin says his problems stem from fame

Aaron Carter's official cause of death is drowning after inhaling Xanax-laced aerosolAaron Carter's official cause of death is drowning after inhaling Xanax-laced aerosol


According to Angel, the dynamics at home worsened when his older brother rose to fame as a member of the singing group Backstreet Boys. Aaron followed in his footsteps and became a teen pop singer, which changed the lives of the Carter clan.

“We were a family that didn’t have any money. We were from upstate New York. My parents were poor. And they had never seen anything like this before,” Angel recalled, adding:

“Once the money started coming in, fair “It changed the dynamic because money became the driving force.”

So far, three Carter brothers have died from drug-related incidents. Leslie died from an overdose, followed by Aaron, due to the effects of alprazolam and difluoroethane.

Lastly, Bobbi Jean died of poisoning due to the combined effects of fentanyl and methamphetamine in 2023.

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