Alien Hand Syndrome is a strange disease, know what its symptoms are

Alien hand syndrome Alien Hand Syndrome (AHS) is a neurological disorder in which your hand becomes an “enemy.” You have no control over your own hands and they work as they wish. Imagine you are resting and suddenly it seems as if someone has grabbed your throat and is strangling you.

As soon as your eyes open, your hand is seen doing the same. Somehow, you release that hand. This happens due to damage to the front part of the brain, that is, the part located under the frontal lobe. However, the exact cause of this disease is not yet known. It seems to be known for some reasons. Let us know how dangerous this disease is…

Alien Hand Syndrome, one of the rarest diseases
Alien hand syndrome is the rarest of rare diseases. Since 1908, there have been less than 80 cases worldwide. This disorder does not receive much attention because its symptoms are considered psychological problems.

Symptoms of Alien Hand Syndrome
In this disease, the patient does not know what his hand is doing. Once asleep, the hand can start working on its own. Often, because of this, one may face embarrassing situations. Due to this, problems such as stress and depression may also appear.

Causes of Alien Hand Syndrome

1. Brain injury
Any type of brain injury or surgery can cause alien hand syndrome. This is seen when the frontal lobe or corpus callosum is affected in some way. These are the parts that control the nerves to perform certain jobs.

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2. Brain tumor
Tumors that put pressure on the brain can cause an uncontrolled left hand in a right-handed person. This is because the right side of the brain controls the left side of the body and the left side controls the right side of the body. For this reason, a brain tumor may be the cause.

3. Neurodegenerative conditions
In diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, Creutzfeldt’s disease and Jacob’s disease, conditions such as rapid forgetfulness or rapid mood changes can also cause alien hand syndrome.

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