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Are birth control pills really dangerous? It’s the fact

Side effects of birth control pills: Most women use birth control pills to prevent unwanted pregnancy. Prolonged use of these pills can also be dangerous. In fact, these birth control pills can be useful in preventing pregnancy, but due to hormonal functioning, many types of problems can occur in women who consume them. Therefore, these pills should never be taken without the advice of a doctor.

Side effects of birth control pills

1. Heart disease
Some studies have shown that birth control pills are not good for heart health. These can cause many heart diseases. Blood pressure may even increase. Sometimes the situation can even be fatal.

2. Blood clots
Birth control pills can cause blood clots. The estrogens found in these pills may increase blood clotting. If a woman uses it for a long time, the problems may worsen. The risk is higher among women who smoke.

3. Obesity and period problems
Some women experience an increase in weight and obesity after taking these pills. Sometimes problems arise even during menstruation. For this reason, excessive bleeding may occur. The timing of periods may also change.

4. Cancer risk
Taking birth control pills can significantly increase the risk of uterine, breast and liver cancer. Therefore, you should never take these pills without a doctor’s advice. They can be dangerous.

5. Mental problems
Birth control pills can cause not only physical but also mental problems. Because of this, problems such as mood swings can be seen in some women, which can cause many problems in the long term.

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Birth control pills are more dangerous for these women
1. Birth control pills should never be taken during pregnancy.
2. These pills should be avoided after 40 years of age.
3. Women who smoke alcohol and cigarettes
4. Women suffering from obesity.

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