Are you breathing correctly? If you do it wrong, your body will become a hotbed of disease.

If there is breath, there is hope for life. All the processes of the body are related to breathing, due to which when your brain is functioning, the digestion process also remains normal. Good sleep is due to breathing. Overall, if there is no breath, there is nothing in the body. Do you know that the way you breathe can be wrong and because of this wrong way, your body can become a hotbed of diseases. If not, do you know.

An American doctor gave this information

Dr. Joseph Mercola is a very famous doctor and author in America. He said that the way you breathe can also affect your health. He says that breathing does not only mean inhaling and exhaling. Breathing also means activating the diaphragm and fully utilizing the lung capacity, due to which the blood pressure remains normal. Also, the brain functions better.

How does breathing happen?

First of all, you need to understand how our body breathes. In fact, every time we breathe, the muscle called diaphragm present under the chest contracts and moves downward. With its help, the lungs get space to expand and the air reaches the air sacs. From this moment on, the oxygen present in the air mixes with the blood. At the same time, the carbon dioxide present in the blood enters the air sacs and is removed from the body through the respiratory tract.

What is the wrong way to breathe?

Now, you might be thinking that breathing is done normally every day, so how can there be any mistake? In fact, if the diaphragm moves in the opposite direction during breathing, the lungs start contracting instead of expanding. If this process continues for a long time, problems can arise in the lungs.

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These problems are caused by poor breathing.

If you breathe improperly, many types of problems can occur in the body. These include difficulty in breathing, increased heart rate, neck and shoulder pain, chest pain, weakness, dizziness, and stuttering while speaking, etc.

Breathe this way, there will be no problem

Whenever you sit, sit up straight, so that air enters directly into the lungs and carbon dioxide easily leaves. For example, if you are sitting sad at the office, straighten your body. As soon as the breathing process improves, you will begin to feel energy in the body.

Disclaimer: Some information given in the news is based on media reports. Before implementing any suggestion, you must consult the concerned expert.

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