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Attention This serious reaction starts on the skin due to smoking, you can look old in full youth



Smoking Side Effects: We all know that smoking is a bad habit. But nowadays smoking has become a fashion among youth and youth which is harming them from both inside and outside. People who smoke have an increased risk of cancer. The tar present in cigarette smoke accumulates in the lungs and causes blockage. This has a very bad effect on the respiratory system. The nicotine found in cigarettes causes contraction of the blood vessels, which obstructs blood circulation. Due to this, there is a problem of blood pressure and the risk of heart attack is also high. All this has become a matter of internal problem, but do you know that smoking cigarettes can make you look old in full youth. Those who are smokers, their lips start getting dark and the risk of skin related problems increases. Let us know how smoking damages the skin.

Skin damage caused by smoking

1.Research has found that there are more than 4000 toxic chemicals in tobacco smoke. Many of these chemicals affect collagen and elastin. Because of this, your skin starts to loose before time and the skin starts to look pale.


2.The smoke coming out of cigarette contains nicotine molecule which is easily absorbed by the skin. When they reach inside the skin, the keratinocytes work to damage the cells. Because of this, dead cells can increase on your skin and the color of the skin can turn black.

3.The side effect of smoking on the skin is so serious that people can get serious diseases like psoriasis. Please tell that there is a kind of chronic condition due to psoriasis, due to which patches start forming on the skin.

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4.According to the MD of Case Western Reserve University, a research has found that the skin under the eyes of smokers becomes loose and they start looking old before time.

5.Age spots start to form due to smoking. Age spot is that natural process when a person is old then there is a change in skin tone on his face automatically, but people who smoke have a spot problem before time. Their skin tone becomes similar to that of people when they spend too much time in the sunlight.

6.Toxins are present in cigarette smoke, due to which oxidative stress increases in the body, due to which the supply of oxygen to the screen starts decreasing. This can make the skin hard and damaged.

7. Smoking can cause vascular contraction, which can reduce blood circulation. Due to low blood circulation, there is difficulty in healing any injury or wound. Minor cuts and scratches of people who smoke cigarettes also take a long time to heal. Any surgery and operation can be obstructed.

What is its defence?

There is no need for any medicine or any treatment to prevent the damage caused by smoking to the skin, the only way to stop it is to quit smoking. Quitting smoking automatically reduces the problems on your skin.

Disclaimer: Before following the methods, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article, do take the advice of a doctor or a related expert.

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