Avian flu can become a dangerous epidemic! Pay attention to these birds immediately

Bird flu : Avian flu could become the next pandemic. Humans should be careful about this. Former CDC Director Robert Redfield warned everyone about this. As per TOI report, Redfield expressed fear that it could be more dangerous than Corona.

As a result, the death toll could increase by up to 25 to 30 percent, compared to just 0.6 percent at the time of Covid-19. Recently, two cases of avian flu have been observed in humans. Of these, one is in Mexico and the other is in West Bengal, India. In Mexico, one person infected with the new strain died, while in West Bengal, the infection was detected in a child who survived.

Beware of 12 birds and animals

Until now, the bird flu virus was only spread among birds and animals, but now cases are also being seen in humans, which is very worrying. This virus has been found in livestock in many countries, including America. Let us tell you that bird flu was detected around 1878. In October 2022, it was declared the largest bird flu pandemic ever in Europe.

Avian flu has been detected in which birds and animals?

1. In May 2021, during the spread of the virus among wild birds, the avian flu virus was discovered in wild fox pups at a rehabilitation center in the Netherlands. July 2021 This virus was found in the Great Skua, a type of seabird native to Scotland.

2. In November 2021, the virus was detected in poultry and a great black-backed gull in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. The virus was detected in 4 ducks hunted in North and South Carolina in December of the same year.

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3. On February 9, 2022, this virus was reported in turkeys on a poultry farm in the United States. Then the virus was detected positive in dead sea lions in Peru.

4. Bald eagle deaths were reported in America from April to September 2022. The avian flu virus was subsequently detected in at least 88 mammals, including harbor seals, red foxes, skunks and bottlenose dolphins.

5. As of 2022, the avian flu virus has been detected in more than two dozen mammals, including a black bear and a mountain lion in Alaska. Next year, 2023, the virus was detected in a dog after chewing a wild goose in Canada, while elephant seals and Antarctic fur seals also tested positive.

6. In March 2024, this virus was discovered in a flock of chickens on a farm. For the first time, its infection was detected in goats. In April 2024, this virus was first detected in cows in fields in Kansas and Texas.

What to do and what not to do to avoid bird flu

1. Wash your hands frequently. Clean palms properly with soap after coming into contact with birds or their droppings.

2. Cover your nose and mouth when coughing and sneezing. If you use a tissue, throw it in a closed box.

3. Avoid contact with wild birds, dead or sick birds.

4. Be careful when raising poultry. Isolate sick birds and dispose of them safely.

5. Avoid going to bird markets or places crowded with birds.

6. Use chicken and eggs only after cooking them thoroughly. Stop only when it reaches at least 71 degrees Celsius.

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7. Avoid eating raw or undercooked chicken or eggs.

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