Be careful going to the gym every day, take these precautions

Heart Attack If you are one of those people who sweat for hours in the gym every day, then you need to be careful. Because despite working out, the risk of heart attack does not decrease. We have seen only in the last few months that many celebrities who spend more time in the gym are no longer in this world due to heart attack. These include Bollywood singer KK, TV actor Siddharth Shukla and Kannada superstar Puneet Rajkumar. At the same time, the condition of comedy king Raju Srivastav also remains critical. Raju Srivastava has also been very focused about fitness. Now the question is, when workouts or exercises are done to stay fit, then why does it not eliminate the risk of heart attack. Know here what is the reason for this and what precautions should be taken…

Why going to the gym increases the risk of heart attack?

Today’s lifestyle has become such that the risk of heart attack has increased in the youth of 25 to 30 years or younger. The kind of increase in this, its figures are also shocking. This was not the case until a few years ago. The biggest reason for this is unhealthy diet, the inclusion of oily food in the food. This is the reason why you also do workouts and stay fit, despite this the risk of heart attack does not end.

Workout like this in the gym

1. Most health experts believe that if you have to maintain fitness, then even normal level exercise is enough, but if you do heavy exercise, then there is a negative effect on the body and heart. The reason for this is also that everyone’s body is different. Not everyone has much workout power.

  Keep these habits away from yourself, otherwise you will not even know when you will become a victim of depression.

2. Nowadays youth have become gym freak but due to their many mistakes they become victims of heart related diseases. You are sweating for hours, working out, it is not enough, the type of exercise you are doing is the most important thing.

3. If you are using a trade mill or any cardio exercise, do not spend more than 10 minutes at a time.

4. After every cardio exercise, take a break of at least 5 minutes. This will make the heart feel relaxed.

5. Decide the time of workout only with the advice of doctor or trainer because excessive workout or exercise can be dangerous.

6. If there is pain in the left side of the chest during the workout, then immediately stop the exercise and visit the doctor without delay.

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