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Be careful if you experience this while doing gym, it could be anaphylaxis allergy.

Anaphylaxis Allergy : If you often feel nauseous or dizzy after many workouts at the gym or after walking on a treadmill, be careful because it could be an anaphylactic allergy. Ignoring it can be dangerous.

This is a very serious and urgent medical condition, which very few people know about. That is why it can be dangerous, so its treatment becomes necessary immediately, otherwise it can also take a dangerous form. Let us know what this disease is and what are the dangers it can cause…

What is anaphylactic allergy?
Anaphylaxis is a severe allergic reaction, which is an emergency medical condition. If not treated immediately, it can also be dangerous. There can be not one but several reasons for this allergy. It is quite rare but once it occurs, it spreads very quickly in the body. Due to its influence, dangerous reactions can be observed on the body. This is such a serious problem that the patient can become extremely anxious.

What are the symptoms of anaphylaxis?

difficulty breathing
throat swelling
appearance of red rashes on the skin
stomach ache problem
problem with vomiting or diarrhea
increased heart rate
fainting or dizziness

Causes of Anaphylaxis Allergy

be allergic to a food
Asthma complaint
eczema symptoms
have ever had a serious allergy
genetic causes
fly bite
danger of any injection

What to do if you have anaphylaxis allergy

1. Do only light exercises. This provides a lot of relief.
2. Do not do high intensity exercises even by mistake, otherwise the problems may get worse.
3. Do not delay seeking medical advice, otherwise the problem may get worse.

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