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You can do simple exercises for your flexibility and strength in even the tiniest of hotel rooms. I do these every morning and do each exercise for thirty seconds, because I don’t have the patience to do them for much longer. If you find that you have recurring stiffness, pain, and general discomfort in your back, shoulders, hips, or legs, try a series of deep tissue massages with a good physiotherapist who can target those areas. Must be able to get the job done where needed. He’ll also correct any bad posture problems you may be developing from shooting. Tell him what you do and how you stand and work all day long. He will point out the areas of your body that need work. A major problem for cameramen is that they must be bent over the camera all day as well as supporting the camera on their shoulder to do handheld work. It is this combination that can affect your posture and lead to back problems.

Kneel on the floor, supporting yourself by your arms and keep your back flat. Then just push your back up so that there is an arch in your spine. Hold on for 30 seconds.

A good one after a day of filming and to help relieve any tightness in your lower back. Lie on the floor and fold your left leg across your body to the right side, while your left arm points to the left. Do the same for your other side; This should be done for 30 seconds on each side.

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Stand straight with your feet slightly apart. Slide your left arm out and lower your left arm around the knee area, raising your right arm as you go up. Hold for 20 seconds, then exhale and lower slightly for the next 10 seconds. Repeat for the other side. This is great for increasing your flexibility.

Shooting handheld with hunched over cameras all day won’t affect your posture. And bad posture can lead to back problems. This exercise helps to correct rounded shoulders and pulls them back in line. Stand up straight, place your hands behind your hips and push your shoulder blades back. Hold on for 30 seconds.

Stand straight, place hand on right hip and tilt your neck to the right. Hold for 30 seconds, return to the upright position, and do the same on the other side.

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