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Best hospital to know how hernia occurs? -GoMedici

There are many different types of hernias and their treatment also depends on which hernia the patient has. Hernia occurs when the muscles or tissues of an organ exert pressure on the outside and due to this the hernia appears to protrude from our body. Abdominal hernias occur between your chest and hips, but they can also develop in the thigh and groin areas. Most of the hernia cases are serious so it should be treated immediately. Doctors also recommend the patient to undergo surgery to prevent complications.

The only treatment for hernia is surgery. If a person has a hernia, then his surgery can be done in two ways. First open surgery and second laparoscopic surgery. In open surgery, the person suffering from hernia is asked by the health specialist to take rest for 6 months. Whereas in laparoscopic surgery local surgery is done. Actually, in laparoscopic surgery, a small incision is made on the patient’s body. Let us tell you that doctors recommend local surgery to heart patients.

Symptoms of Hernia

The problem of hernia occurs to any person when any part of the body comes out of its place. There are several symptoms of a hernia:

constipation problem

If a person feels that his stomach is always full. Apart from this, if there is any problem during bowel movement, then it is also a symptom of hernia. In such a situation, if you are also feeling any such problem, then eat such foods which will clear the stomach. Consult a doctor also.

flatulence problem

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Swelling occurs in the patient’s abdomen due to hernia. In such a situation, if such a symptom appears on the stomach of a person, then it should be inferred that that person is suffering from hernia disease. At the same time, the swelling of the hernia occurs in the part of the abdomen where the muscles are weak.

Chest pain

Many times people also start having chest pain due to the problem of hernia. Not only this, pain is felt even after getting up and sitting. In such a situation, if you see any such symptom, then be alert and consult a doctor.

difficulty working

The patient suffering from hernia disease has a lot of difficulty in doing any work. Actually, working, sitting and lifting heavy weights put stress on the stomach.

Blood in the stool

A person suffering from hernia disease has a lot of trouble during bowel movements. Apart from this, blood also comes out with the stool. In such a situation, if such symptoms are seen in the body, then the doctor should be immediately contacted.

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Causes of high hernia

The problem of hernia mostly occurs in people who have ever lifted excess weight, have ever suffered a serious injury or have had any previous surgery. Also, this problem can happen to those people who have constipation or cough problem for a long time. In such a situation, let us know in detail about the causes of hernia:

  • due to heavy lifting
  • due to weight gain
  • due to abdominal surgery
  • straining while urinating
  • peritoneal dialysis
  • lack of nutritious food
  • If there is pressure on the abdomen of pregnant women, then there is also the possibility of hernia.
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Tests to check for Hernia

Your doctor will first do a physical exam to diagnose your condition. During this test, the doctor will examine a raised area in the patient’s abdomen or groin area. Some hernia patients experience a feeling of standing, coughing or stretching, so the doctor will ask you about this. Your doctor will then ask about your medical history. They can ask you a variety of questions. Your doctor will suggest some tests to help diagnose them, which may include:

  • abdominal ultrasound
  • MRI scan of abdomen
  • MRI scan of abdomen
  • X-ray of your digestive system
  • endoscopy

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