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Blood sugar will be controlled overnight, just mix this thing in flour

Diet for Diabetic Patients:Diabetes has become a rapidly increasing problem affecting everyone – children, young and old. In such a situation, to avoid diabetes, one is advised to pay special attention to diet. It is especially advisable to avoid roti and rice, but it is very difficult to remove roti and rice from the Indian diet. In such a situation you can control diabetes by eating roti, know how.

In such a situation, if you also want to eat roti and also want to keep your diabetes (blood sugar level) under control, then while you are kneading the dough to make roti, add a little thing to it. This will not only increase the taste of the roti but also control the blood sugar level during the night.

Prepare a roti by mixing gram flour with flour.
If you are diabetic and want to control your blood sugar level, instead of eating wheat bread, grind some black gram flour and use it. This flour is gluten-free and helps a lot in controlling blood sugar levels.

Experts also believe that diabetes can be controlled to a large extent by consuming gram flour regularly. Additionally, there is an abundant amount of fiber in it, which keeps the stomach full for a long time. Reduces cholesterol levels, helps prevent insulin spikes and is also beneficial for weight loss.

Make wheat and gram flour roti like this
If you also want to make roti using wheat and gram flour, mix 1/4 cup gram flour in 1 cup wheat flour. Add water little by little, knead the dough and leave it covered for 30 minutes. Now prepare small rotis with this flour and consume it. Eating roti made from gram flour regularly helps a lot in controlling blood sugar levels. If you want, you can also make roti by mixing millet or ragi flour with gram flour. By eating roti in this way, the blood sugar level will remain under control.

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