Bone Health: 6 Ways Women Can Enhance Bone Density After Menopause

Women tend to lose more bone density as they get older. Especially after menopause, women need to focus on developing their body.

5 Ways to Improve Bone Health After Menopause (Freepik)

Bones are the basic structure of our body. It is the skeleton, like a blueprint, that supports our entire means of being. Therefore, it becomes our responsibility to care for and nurture it. Bones, especially in women, tend to become more brittle as they age. Due to different biological and physiological processes in the body, women tend to lose bone density more easily. After menopause, the risk increases. During menopause, estrogen levels drop and there is a high chance of losing bone density. It makes the bones brittle, porous and weak. This could further increase the risk of osteoporosis.

Here are some lifestyle adjustments to make to start a healthy regimen to improve bone density in women.

5 Ways to Improve Bone Density in Women

  1. Dried plums: Dried plums or prunes Prunes help prevent and reduce bone loss due to their high vitamin K content. They can also help reduce menstrual bloating.
  2. Diet rich in magnesium: Green vegetables are very important. Add more spinach, kale, bok choy, poppy, and sesame, as it helps reduce the risk of losing bone density. These also help with mineralization.
  3. Practical Dairy Products: Dairy products like yogurt have calcium, are high in protein, and contain potassium, magnesium, and vitamin K, all of which are important for bone health.
  4. Include some vegetarian proteins: Plant-based proteins contain phytoestrogens that are similar to estrogen in the body. It can help improve bone health by promoting the activity of osteoblasts, which are cells that form new bone. After menopause, when the estrogen level drops, there is a good chance that the person will also start to lose bone density.
  5. go green: As cliché as it sounds, green leafy vegetables are one of the healthiest foods that are a powerhouse of nutrients and minerals. Vegetables like turnips, kale, and broccoli provide nutrients like calcium and vitamin K that help with bones.
  6. Strength training: Weight-bearing or high-impact exercises are important for maintaining bone health. Walking, jogging, aerobics and climbing stairs, etc. are good practices to incorporate into your physical activity routine for a healthy bone life.
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So ladies, it’s time to amp up your diets and start looking for ways to improve bone health even after menopause.

Published Date: June 4, 2023 9:46 AM IST

Updated Date: June 4, 2023 9:46 AM IST




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