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Bread or Rice! Does eating cause weight gain? Know the correct answer here

Rice Vs Roti : Rice and roti are the basis of our food. These two things are always there in our plate for years. But there has always been a debate about these two. You must have often heard saying that you do not want to eat rice, it increases weight. Or those who want to lose weight, many people say the same thing, eat roti instead of rice… otherwise the weight will increase even more. So what does this mean? Does eating rice lead to weight gain and eating roti keeps weight under control. Now in such a situation, people who want to increase or decrease their weight, they try to improve their diet. People often have a question that what should they include in their diet, roti or rice? Which can be more helpful in increasing or reducing weight. Let’s know about this.

Which food is better for weight gain, roti or rice?

Often wheat bread is eaten in every household and wheat bread contains a lot of carbohydrate and fiber. You all know that the foods which contain high amount of fiber fill the stomach quickly and do not feel hungry for a long time. In this way you avoid over eating and your weight remains under control. That’s why according to the dietician, weight gain from roti is not considered effective. Eating less roti only makes the stomach feel full and due to this, your weight increases less than that of rice. At the same time, the dietician also tells that the nutritive value of rice and roti is almost the same. Although eating rice can easily increase your weight, that too only because rice is easily digested. The body easily absorbs the nutrients present in rice, and you feel hungry again.

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keep these things in mind

If you want to increase weight, then eating only rice is not enough. To increase weight, it is necessary to take a balanced diet. For this, you should take protein, carbs and healthy fat in your diet. On the other hand, only roti will not work for weight loss. You need to take good exercise and balanced diet.

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