Breast cancer-associated protein identified. Treatment will now be easy – GoMedii Know the link between new protein and breast cancer in Hindi

Scientists have discovered a protein that shows strong evidence for its association with breast cancer that spreads quickly to other organs. Scientists can increase the possibilities of effective treatment of this deadly disease in the future with this protein.




What does the HIF protein do?




Weibo Lu, assistant professor at the Southwestern Medical Center of the University of Texas in America, said that ZMYND 8 protein increased levels of and Breast cancer There is a relationship between patients’ inability to survive.




What does the research say?



In previous research, it was observed that breast cancer cells become more aggressive when there is a lack of oxygen or a hypoxic environment. A group of proteins called hypoxia-inducible factors (HIFs) regulate responses to hearing loss and modify the pathways responsible for the proliferation and growth of cancer cells. “Our research shows that ZMYND8 is a regulator that activates hundreds of HIF-dependent cancer factors in breast cancer cells,” Lu said.



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