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By drinking this juice, are you gambling with your health in the name of profit?

Side effects of packaged juice: Often people look for shortcuts in cooking and use packaged foods. But these packaged foods are prepared by adding lots of calories, sugar, salt and preservatives, which can have an adverse effect on health. One of them is canned fruit juice, which most people consider healthy and drink every morning.

According to the ICMR report, these canned juices are nothing but a sugar solution and contain so many preservatives that they can seriously harm your health.

Canned fruit juices are slow poison
Health experts believe that fruit juices presented in tetrapacks or large cans do not contain fresh fruit, but their flavors are added and artificial sugar is used to sweeten them. Additionally, corn syrup is used in it, which can damage the liver.

ICMR said in its recent report that labeling of fruit juices attracts customers and they buy such products. Packaged fruit juices are easily available and people feel like they are drinking fresh fruit juices, so their consumption has increased a lot these days.

Disadvantages of drinking canned juice
According to experts, if packaged fruit juices are consumed for a long time, the risk of type 2 diabetes increases rapidly, since sugar is used in large quantities. Additionally, it affects your liver and can lead to liver failure or fatty liver.

Heart problems can occur and prolonged consumption of these canned fruit juices can lead to dementia, brain fog and even cancer. These canned fruit juices are expensive and can also have an adverse effect on health. In such a situation, you should drink fresh juice or eat fresh fruits.

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