Camila Cabello opens up about her struggle with 'crippling' anxiety, calls it 'worst mental health state'

Camila Hair has a new perspective on life after a difficult period that has inspired his new songs. The Bam Bam singer said in a recent interview with PEOPLE that she wasn’t in a good place when she started working on her upcoming third album Familia de ella.

“I was terribly anxious and in the worst mental state of my life,” she said according to PEOPLE. “And then I took a break at the beginning of the pandemic. I started doing therapy [and] trying to feel better.” However, to Hair, receiving help meant being true to herself at all costs. “For me it was, if this process doesn’t help me feel better, and if it’s not me being honest and vulnerable and unfiltered, I really don’t see how this is going to happen,” she says. “That was my intention, it was just to be myself, whatever that seemed like at the time.”

That vulnerability will be on full display on the former Fifth Harmony member’s upcoming album, which she describes as “very personal.” Although Cabello did not specify specific personal situations that she would discuss, she did negotiate a public separation with shawn mendes, her ex-boyfriend of two years, in November. In the meantime, luckily for the actress, her healing efforts have paid off, as she claims to feel “amazing now.”

However, the three-time Grammy Award nominee is no stranger to being vulnerable on social media. She uploaded a TikTok video last year in which she urged women to embrace their natural bodies. She also opened up about her body image issues on Instagram last week.

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