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Can cancer be treated without chemotherapy, know when it is necessary.

Chemotherapy :Cancer is a very dangerous and deadly disease. Everyone’s condition worsens when they hear the name of cancer. Cancer treatment is not easy, but there are many ways to fight and avoid it. As soon as the name of cancer treatment comes to mind, the first thing that comes to mind is chemotherapy. However, very few people are aware of it. In such a situation, today we are going to tell you what chemotherapy is, when it is needed and what are its benefits…

When is chemotherapy necessary?
According to experts, chemotherapy is necessary for cancer patients in the treatment of cancer. Doctors decide it according to the different stages of different cancers. In some cancers, chemotherapy is considered as the only treatment. For example, chemotherapy is the main treatment for blood cancer and some types of cancer. Doctors proceed with the treatment accordingly.

When is chemotherapy given?
Some cancers are treated with surgery. In such a situation, chemotherapy is taken before surgery, so that the disease can be shortened. Often, chemotherapy is given after the main treatment, i.e. surgery, and many people then feel that the cancer has grown too much or, in some cancers, chemotherapy is given for microscopic cells.

Sometimes radiation therapy and chemotherapy are necessary.
According to the doctor, chemotherapy is often given to the patient at the same time as radiotherapy, so that the effect of radiotherapy is maximum. He could get more benefits from chemotherapy. In this way, the need for chemotherapy in cancer treatment is decided only according to the type of disease, its spread, its stage and the patient’s condition. Patients can get many benefits from it. This is the reason why it is considered as the main treatment for cancer.

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