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Can cooking, storing or packaging these things cause cancer?


Causes of cancer : Using new things increases the risk of cancer. From household items to food items, they invite cancer. The report of the National Cancer Registry Program of the Indian Council of Medical Research states that the number of cancer patients in the country was 14.60 lakh in 2022, which may increase to 15.70 thousand by 2025, so everyone should be careful.


Actually, there are many types of misconceptions in people’s minds regarding cancer. There are many questions on which it often remains confused. One of the big questions is whether aluminum foil used to heat food can cause cancer. So let us know if there is any truth in this and if yes, how dangerous it can be. “About such things”ABP Live Hindi Special Offer is Myth Vs Facts. “Myths Vs Facts Series” Our effort is to get you out of the quagmire of orthodoxy and bring you the truth.

There are many things in our kitchen that we use daily, but all of them can cause cancer. Know what are the causes of cancer…


1. Cancer from plastic utensils

Fact Check- Many things related to cooking or storing food increase the risk of cancer. Among them, there are also plastic items. Drinking water stored in plastic bottles can be harmful. The microplastics it contains can seriously harm your health. Similarly, drinking tea in plastic cups, carrying anything wrapped in plastic, or storing or eating food in plastic bowls, spoons, or plates can cause cancer. A chemical compound called Bisphenol A (BPA) is found in plastic bottles and can be dangerous to the human body.

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2. Non-stick cookware
Fact Check: Many studies have shown that in about 90% of homes in the city, food is cooked in non-stick pans. Using them at high temperatures causes the PFC layer to degrade in the form of smoke, which, if ingested, can damage the liver and can also be dangerous for digestion. Many studies have shown that there is also a risk of cancer because of this.

3. Cancer from aluminum utensils

Fact Check: Aluminum is considered a slow poison. Cooking or eating food in aluminum utensils can cause kidney and lung problems. It is also said that aluminum particles can also lead to cancer risk.

4. Aluminum foil
Fact Check: Aluminum does not cause cancer. If reports are to be believed, the claims about cancer are also false. The role of aluminum in cancer has never been proven. Aluminum smelter workers are at a higher risk of cancer, but this is not due to exposure to aluminum but to exposure to other chemicals.

Research has shown that foods wrapped in aluminum foil contain 2 to 5 mg of aluminum, which reaches the body and prevents the absorption of zinc. Although it is not cancerous, it can cause many dangerous health damages.

5. Plastic cutting board
Fact Check: If your kitchen vegetable cutting board is made of plastic, remove it immediately, as research has shown that wet cutting boards can spread many types of diseases and infections. Small plastic particles can inadvertently enter the body and pose a risk of cancer.

Disclaimer: Some information given in the news is based on media reports. Before implementing any suggestion, you must consult the concerned expert.

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