Can someone be allergic to water, the answer will surprise you

Water allergy: There are many types of people in the world who become allergic to everyday things and weather conditions. Some are allergic to peanuts and others to dirt. Additionally, many people also become victims of allergies when the weather changes. But have you heard that someone can also be allergic to water? You will be surprised to know that many people around the world may also be allergic to water. Today we tell you some strange things about this allergy called Aquagenic Urticaria.

Why are there water allergies?

You must be wondering if someone is allergic to water, how will they take a bath and drink water. If someone doesn’t drink water, how will they survive? In fact, aquagenic urticaria is such a rare disease in which the patient is afraid of touching water. In this disease, the patient can drink water as water does not cause any harm inside his body. But he can’t touch the water. In this disease, the skin reacts to contact with water.

How does aquagenic urticaria occur?
Aquagenic urticaria is a rare condition in which the patient experiences itching, hives and rashes upon contact with water. As soon as these people touch water, red rashes appear on the mouth, hands, legs, shoulders and torso, they develop bile and start itching. Let us tell you that a drop of water, tears, drops of rain, snow. Even sweat, river and sea water become dangerous for them. However, here the water temperature does not matter in case of allergies, that is, it does not matter whether the water is cold or hot.

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what is the treatement?
There is currently no permanent treatment for aquagenic urticaria. Every effort is made to keep the patient away from the water. Along with this, certain medications are given to reduce the reaction after contact with water to reduce rashes and pimples on the skin. Many people resort to phototherapy, through which the upper layer of the skin (epidermis) becomes so thick that water cannot come into contact with the inner layer of the skin.

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