Can we drink fennel water on an empty stomach in summer, is there any harm to the stomach?

Our first question is, can we drink fennel water on an empty stomach in summer? So the answer is yes, of course you can drink fennel water because fennel contains many nutritional elements, which are very beneficial if included in your diet. Consuming fennel water or fennel with sugar candy is very beneficial for the stomach as it has a cooling effect. For your information, let us tell you that fennel is rich in nutrients like iron, minerals, potassium, vitamin C. That’s why it is very beneficial for our health. There are many people who like to drink fennel water to lose weight. To remove body heat, drink more and more fennel water. Fennel water is used to get rid of many diseases. 

When and how to drink fennel water?

If If there is excess heat in your body or if you feel overheated, then you can drink fennel water on an empty stomach on a hot summer day. Because it has a cooling effect, you will hydrate throughout the day. If you go out in heat wave then you will be safe. 

How to make fennel water

To make fennel water, take one teaspoon of fennel seeds at night. Take it and put it in a glass of water and keep it. Now filter this water and drink it. And you can also chew the filtered fennel. This water will also reduce your weight and will also keep away the heat of your body. It will help you a lot in weight loss. 

Disadvantages of drinking fennel water

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Is there any harm to you by drinking fennel water? It happens because it is completely natural. But if you use anything in excess then it can be difficult. 

Fennel water has estrogenic properties and it acts like estrogen hormone. Especially if pregnant women use it excessively, it can be harmful. 

If a person is allergic to fennel and fennel water, then they should not eat it.

People who have large There is disease like cancer, they are taking fennel water for TB medicine.

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