Cancer drugs are available at low prices in this state, know the prices.

Big relief for cancer patients in Kerala. Not making any profit, the state government decided to sell expensive cancer drugs at lower rates through ‘Karunya Community Pharmacy’. Health Minister Veena George said it was decided to make 800 types of medicines, including those used after organ transplantation, available to the public at ‘Karunya Outlets’ at a profit. After this decision, the prices of medicines sold through “Karunya Pharmacy” will be further reduced. Which generally represents 12% profit.

What did Kerala Health Minister Veena George say about cheap medicines?

Health Minister Veena George said this would make it easier to get medicines to patients. Such interference in the anti-cancer drugs available in the state is a watershed decision by the government. The Health Minister said this project would start on July 15 at major Karunya outlets in each district center.

Free counters with zero profit at Karunya pharmacies

These outlets will have separate counters without zero profit and separate staff to manage the project. Currently, 74 Karunya pharmacies sell 7,000 types of medicines from various companies at discounted prices. The Kerala Medical Services Corporation (KMSCL), which procures medicines and supplies them through Karunya outlets, plans to implement this price cut.

Currently, medications are available at discounts ranging from 38% to 93%. Under this government, the profit percentage fell from 12% to 8%.

Selling drugs without profit will help patients

Its aim is to further reduce costs after covering administrative expenses. Dr Bipin K Gopal, state nodal officer for non-communicable diseases and state coordinator of the district cancer control programme, said the “zero profit” margin scheme will help cancer patients as a good chunk of the treatment money is spent on medicines.

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Dr. V. Ramankutty and Dr. B. Public health experts like Ekbal support government intervention to reduce the cost of medicines. A study conducted by Kochi-based oncologist Dr. Aju Mathew revealed that around 50% of cancer patients in the country are unable to afford their cancer treatment. Fight against this problem. Cancer is a very serious disease that also takes a toll on you financially.

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