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Charlotte spent youth in psychiatric hospitals, but could not be saved

His grieving mother has returned to the “enemy” where their fights began in an attempt to begin to set things right.

Charlotte Franklin was a kind, funny, and intelligent girl. As a child, she loved being outdoors and was never happier than when she was swimming, rowing, or riding her horse.

But the transition to secondary school proved difficult, and the introduction of iPads, mobile phones, instant messaging and social media had a profound impact on the sensitive and articulate Charlotte. She struggled socially and found school and relationships with her peers difficult.

In 2014, a cruel comment from a classmate changed everything and Charlotte, who was already suffering from anxiety and depression, began to worry about her face and body. As the bullying worsened, so did Charlotte’s mental health.

According to her mother Lisa, 55, Charlotte was brilliant at hiding her feelings and no one noticed that beneath that exterior she was falling apart. An obsession with cleanliness, food and routine set in.

Charlotte became very obsessed with her appearance and was diagnosed with body dysmorphia and OCD that year. They left their beloved home in Cornwall and moved to London to receive better support.

Charlotte Franklin struggled socially and found school and relationships with her peers difficult.(Cover images)

In 2015, Charlotte told her mother that she did not want to go back to school and asked CAMHS for support during this time. After developing a healthy new structure, Charlotte was home-schooled and her mental health improved.

However, as GCSE exams approached and her old school offered online learning to help her with her exams, Charlotte’s compulsive routine urge took a hit and again Charlotte’s mental health began to deteriorate. Yoga teacher Lisa said: “Between the ages of 15 and 19, Charlotte spent years in and out of psychiatric hospitals. hospitals It was a terrible time in his life. He was never well enough to come out.

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“Charlotte even did her GCSE exams in hospital and despite all the obstacles, she passed. At times when Charlotte was released from hospital, her risk was so high that we had to sleep in her room.

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