Chest pain does not only mean heart attack, these 5 diseases can also be signs

Chest Pain : People often mistake stomach gas or heart attack for chest pain. But it is not necessary because chest pain can also be a sign of other diseases. In such a situation, the doctor should be seen first in case of pain. Apart from chest pain, if there are no other symptoms of heart attack such as sweating, shortness of breath, nausea or dizziness, then there may be other diseases. Let’s know what are these diseases…


According to health experts, there is a problem of chest pain even when there is pneumonia. Due to pneumonia, there is more supply of air in the lungs and chest pain starts arising along with cough. Most cases of pneumonia are seen in children.


The cause of chest pain can also be a disease called costochondritis. In this, the rib bones swell and there is severe pain. In such a situation, this pain should not be mistaken for heart attack or gas.


Chest pain can also be a sign of angina. Whenever this disease occurs, the effect of blood in the heart decreases. This can cause chest pain problem. In medical language it is also called ischemic chest pain.

Panic Attack

Panic attack can also cause chest pain. In this problem, there is difficulty in breathing. Panic attack can come at any time. This is quite dangerous. That’s why you should keep contacting the doctor.

Acid Reflux

Sometimes chest pain is also caused by acid reflux. The acid enters the esophagus of the body. Abdominal pain can also occur in this type of problem. In this case a doctor should be consulted.

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