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Children can be an easy target for bird flu; the risk of contracting this disease is higher at a young age.


Risk factor for bird flu: Avian flu is becoming a serious disease worldwide. Cases are continually being reported in America and Canada and many cases have also been reported in India. In fact, this virus usually spreads among birds, but apart from birds, it also spreads among humans and animals, and a few days ago a child also died.


In such a situation, experts believe that it is very important to protect yourself against bird flu because this bird flu can quickly affect children and can also cause many serious problems. So let us tell you how to protect yourself against bird flu.

Bird flu is deadly for children
Doctors believe that children are at greater risk of contracting bird flu than adults. The two cases of bird flu reported in India also involved children. In fact, this bird flu can easily affect children’s immune systems, making children quickly fall victim to it, because children’s immune systems are a bit weak. In such a situation, this virus can spread quickly among children due to contact with birds and foreign bodies. Its transmission can be easily done by birds or from one person to another.


protect yourself like this
If you also want your child to be safe from bird flu, you must remain vigilant. Nowadays, when cases of bird flu are increasing, ask children to wear masks when going outside. Apart from this, it is important to wash your hands frequently, not touch your mouth, keep a distance from animals and birds, even while talking or playing.

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Apart from this, include foods containing vitamin C in children’s diet. In fact, this vitamin C strengthens children’s immunity and protects them from foreign bodies and infections.

According to the WHO, the spread of the influenza virus among chickens sometimes causes mild infection and cases of influenza in small groups of people due to contact with infected birds or the environment. The H9N2 virus could play an important role in any future major influenza pandemic.

Disclaimer: Some information given in news is based on media reports. Before implementing any suggestion, you should consult the relevant expert.

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