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Cindy Crawford – Shape Your Body Workout – Review

This video consists of two workouts, a 40 minute workout where you work your legs, abs, shoulders and arms, a 45 minute workout where you work your back, abs, chest, glutes and focus on stretching and toning is concentrated. Feet. It also includes a full-body routine that uses no equipment and lasts 10 minutes. You really have to be prepared for this workout because it is full of power. By the time it’s over, I’m soaked. Each video begins with a warm-up, then introduces you to exercises that work the abs, legs, arms, shoulders, followed by a cool-down. She constantly reminds you to drink lots of water and breaks are given in between but she didn’t have to remind me because I was sweating so much that I drank about 40 oz of water in the whole video.

Exercises that focus on the legs are good because you work them in such a way that you feel the burn without feeling pain. I have to warn you that the leg exercises involve a lot of kicking and leg swings, so make sure you have room for that.

The warm up is the same in every workout for which I don’t mind because they are short and she goes into the workout. I especially like the fast music that goes along with the moves because that really gets your energy up.

I’ve read some reviews about the Shape Your Body workout videos and they are mostly positive but some reviewers said the moves are too fast and unsafe. Some feel that she is not trained enough to instruct people in such an intense workout style. I have to admit, it’s not for a beginner, but those who are used to Cindy Crawford’s previous workout videos will know what to expect. Many customer reviews also say that they felt like they got a real challenging workout while using it. I believe when you feel like you are not ready to do something like the amount of reps per exercise reduce them until you are ready.

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If you think you’re into Cindy’s bare feet and the fact that she wears a bathing suit and pouts her lips from time to time, as in some of her other workout videos, this might not be for you. However, if you’re able to get past that, know that Cindy and her personal trainer, Radu, do a great job of putting together a high-performance workout video. Novices need not apply!

Source by Lisa Grier

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