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Coconut oil and its benefits

India has been a pioneer when it comes to the use of coconut oil. Most women and men swear by hot oiling their hair. The general rule of thumb, so to speak, is to get into the habit of massaging the scalp at least once a week. The oil stays on the hair for a few hours and after you shower you can see the difference – your hair feels lovely. Apart from the effect of this natural oil, there are many other benefits for your hair. Let us look into some of the benefits of the oil.


Most people do not realize this but coconut oil is very beneficial while cooking. A trusted brand adds to the taste. The taste and aroma adds texture to an average curry or chutney. I would recommend you buy a smaller bottle or packet. Coconut oil left out for too long goes rancid and you don’t want to use it on your hair or in your cooking at all. If you forget about the oil in your larder, it will always smell bad, which means it needs to be taken out.

skin problems

The general thought process of refraining from applying oil on acne-prone skin or oily skin remains on point. If you are not troubled by these problems and your skin is dry or regular, then massage with coconut oil after bath. It works wonderfully as a moisturizer on your body. One note to follow is to make sure you do not use excessive amounts as this is not a cream it is an oil! Alternatively, you can also massage your body with oil before a nice hot shower and your skin will reap the benefits.

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anti aging benefits

Many women who are using coconut oil on their body swear by the fact that this oil helps in reducing the years without having to go under the knife. Given the fact that a good brand is a solution that doesn’t squander hard-earned money, it’s worth considering. Of course, as said earlier, if you are prone to acne or have oily skin, don’t use oil. Get checked by a doctor and go for it only when you get the green light.

cools the temperature

People who regularly massage their scalp with coconut oil do not get irritable, or so I have heard. After trying it myself, I noticed that head massage and forehead massage calm me down when I’m angry! As mentioned earlier, if you want something to help you that doesn’t eat into your savings, coconut oil from a trusted brand is the answer. Again, if you have pimples on your head or forehead, seek professional help from a doctor before coming here.

Many people are switching to coconut oil. It has been claimed that the oil aids in weight loss, lowering cholesterol and many other chronic diseases. I cannot say that it has worked for me, given the fact that I am a strict foodie. Having said that, there is evidence that coconut oil works wonders for skin, hair and as a cooking aid.


When there’s something new on offer, it can take a while to convert. The southern part of the state is home to many coconut plantations. Most South Indians use coconut in curries, side dishes, drinks, desserts, cakes and more. Coconut milk adds flavor to a simple dish. Boiling milk for a few hours gives you homemade coconut oil. Throw away the burnt mass and store the organic oil in a sterilized bottle to use as many times as you can. In short (dubious pun), the coconut is a versatile nut that has many uses and the oil is amazing.

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Source by Yasmin Andrea Imam

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