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Combination of these foods with lemon can be harmful for health, read this news to avoid

Lemon is considered a good source of Vitamin-C. For this reason, lemon is also very beneficial for health. Lemon not only helps in keeping the body hydrated but also works to detoxify the body by taking out the toxins accumulated in the body. Lemon plays a special role in the summer season. Drinking lemon water in summer is considered very beneficial because, in the summer season, the amount of water in the body starts decreasing, due to which many types of problems in the body like dehydration, dizziness, along with this the risk of other health problems also increases. Is. In such a situation, by drinking lemon water and consuming lemon in other ways, the immunity in the body remains strong and the water level in the body also remains balanced.

In summer, people often drink lemon water, but along with this, lemon is also used on salads, pulses and other food items. There is no doubt that lemon juice makes the taste of food doubly delicious, but it is worth noting that the combination of lemon with some foods can prove to be harmful to health. Let us know about such food list whose combination can be harmful for the body.

Avoid These Combinations With Lemon

1. Papaya

There are many fruits on which sprinkling lemon juice increases their taste and nutrition. But this is not the case with papaya. Papaya is such a fruit which should never be consumed with lemon. It is said that the effect and nutrients of lemon and papaya are different. That’s why, when lemon and papaya are consumed together, it can cause harm to the body instead of benefit. Along with this, eating papaya and lemon together can cause weakness in the body and increase the disease of anemia.

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2. Milk

We all are aware of this fact that adding lemon juice to milk curdles the milk. So imagine what will happen in the stomach if they are consumed together. That’s why, lemon should not be consumed with milk and dairy products. The thing is that lemon contains an acidic substance called citric acid. It can affect the digestive system by mixing it with milk, which can increase many types of problems related to digestion like indigestion and acidity.

3. Tomato

Lemon juice and tomato are used together in chaat, salad and even in chutney. But, eating these two foods together can prove to be very harmful for your health. Consuming lemon-tomato together affects the digestive system and can cause problems like constipation, heaviness in the stomach and acidity.

4. Curd

Consumption of curd with lemon is strictly prohibited. Because both of these are considered opposite to each other. Actually, consuming any citrus fruit with curd can increase the amount of harmful toxins in the body, which can cause problems like itching, allergic reactions and cold and cough.

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