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curious Case! Became deaf due to sharing headphones, do you also do this?

Boy Loses Hearing Due To Prolonged Uses Of Earphone: Technology has made our life a lot easier. It is the technology that makes your work easy. However, the youth have become addicted to this technology. We are talking about earphones… The use of this gadget has increased so much that while sleeping, eating and drinking, every It is visible in someone’s ear. People traveling long distances in the metro travel for hours by putting it on. If you look around in the metro, you will definitely see earphones in every person’s ear except two or four people. Two people are also seen sharing the same earphone. Yes. Simply put, earphones have become a basic need. However, these habits are taking a heavy toll on the youth. Experts have already told that earphones badly affect both the brain and ears, but a recent incident has further confirmed it.

Hearing returned after three surgeries

In fact, an 18-year-old boy from Gorakhpur in UP became a victim of deafness due to wearing earphones for a long time, it is being told that the 18-year-old boy had an ear infection and lost his ability to hear. After which two surgeries were done on the victim boy. Even after two surgeries, there was no benefit, then the victim reached Delhi and seeing the seriousness here, doctors have restored normal hearing ability by implanting it. In the whole treatment process, about 1.5 lakh has cost Rs.

Infection increased due to sharing of earphones

Let us tell you that the victim boy used to use earphones for 8 to 10 hours, apart from this, he used to share his earphones with friends as well. While the doctor says that due to sharing of earphones, the condition of the boy worsened. The reason for this Due to ear infection. When that earphone was used, the ears used to get closed. This further helped in increasing the bacteria inside the ear. Initially, there was pain only in the ear, but later there was discharge from the ear as well.

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Using earphones for more than 3 hours can be dangerous

The doctor says that whether you are listening to music or talking on a call, it is not right to use earphones for more than 2 to 3 hours. If you use more than this, then you can have the ability to listen. The same ENT experts also told that ever since the practice of work from home and study from home, there is more ear problem in teenagers. Doctors say that if you use ear phone for a long time then Moisture in your ear increases and infection occurs. Ear canal also needs ventilation. Leaving it off for a long time leads to accumulation of sweat and infection

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