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Deepika Padukone made such a big mistake during pregnancy, you should avoid it, otherwise…

High heels during pregnancy: Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone recently attended the promotional event of the film ‘Kalki’. Meanwhile, black heels were seen on her feet. All eyes were fixed on that. The discussions started everywhere as Deepika Padukone is in her sixth month of pregnancy and wearing such high heels during this time can be quite risky. Doctors often completely prohibit wearing high heels during pregnancy. Let us know what damage this can be caused and how serious it is…

Risks of wearing high heels during pregnancy

1. Severe pain in the legs
According to doctors, wearing high heels during the third trimester of pregnancy (heels during pregnancy, 3rd trimester) can cause strain in the calf muscles. Due to the pressure, severe pain may occur in the feet, so precautions should be taken and negligence should be avoided.

2. Severe back pain
In the 6th month of pregnancy, the weight of the child begins to increase on the woman’s body. During this time, excess weight begins to accumulate on their waists. In such a situation, if you walk in heels, the waist support is less and the nerves can be strained. This is why the pain begins in the bones of the pelvis and waist.

3. Risk of miscarriage
Wearing heels during pregnancy not only causes pain but also increases the risk of miscarriage. There is a risk of falling or slipping when wearing sandals or high heels at this time. Because of this, there may be injuries and there is also the fear of miscarriage.

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4. Difficulty walking
Weight increases during pregnancy, which also causes a change in the way you walk. In such a situation, wearing high heels makes the entire body weight fall on the heels, making walking difficult. Many problems can arise because of this.

5. Feet may swell
If women wear high heels during the sixth month of pregnancy, fluid may accumulate in their feet. Which can cause swelling. We must therefore try to avoid this. During this period, you must take the greatest care of yourself and your child.

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