Dilip Kumar was unable to sleep even after taking sleeping pills, are you also suffering from this condition?

Yesterday’s veteran actress Saira Banu has made a big revelation about her husband Dilip Kumar. She shared that Dilip Kumar was suffering from insomnia even before his marriage. His condition was so severe that even after taking sleeping pills, he could not sleep at night. Are you also struggling with this kind of problem, then tell us how you can get it tested? What is the cause of this condition and what is its treatment?

What is insomnia?

Dr AP Singh, General Physician at Yashoda Hospital, Ghaziabad, said that insomnia is a very common sleep disorder, due to which sleep is either very difficult to come by or the patient spends the entire night awake. It often happens that the patient wakes up early and is unable to sleep even after trying again. At the same time, one feels tired upon waking up. In fact, in case of insomnia, the energy level completely decreases and the mood of the victim remains very low. Due to this, the health and work performance of the affected person also gets affected.

How many hours of sleep are needed?

Before knowing about insomnia in detail, understand the amount of sleep that an ordinary person needs. Indeed, the need for sleep may be different for each person. However, an adult person should sleep for at least seven to nine hours.

How does insomnia occur?

It is worth noting that most people often suffer from short-term insomnia, which persists for several days or weeks. Short-term insomnia can be caused by stress or excessive fatigue. However, some people suffer from long-term insomnia, which is very serious. When the problem persists for more than three months, insomnia begins to cause health problems. Medications are needed to deal with this.

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What are the symptoms of insomnia?

Dr. AP Singh says that difficulty in sleeping at night is the main symptom of insomnia. Apart from this, waking up at night, waking up very early even after sleeping late, feeling tired or sleepy throughout the day, feeling irritable and worrying about sleep are also some of the symptoms of this condition.

Insomnia makes you “old” before your time

Long term insomnia can be caused by stress and poor lifestyle. If you are unable to sleep while thinking about things related to work, school, financial situation, and family, you might be suffering from insomnia. Insomnia can also occur if you travel a lot or have a very busy work schedule. Let us tell you that insomnia can also cause many other health-related diseases. The thing to note is that if insomnia becomes severe, the person starts looking old before their time.

What is the treatment for insomnia?

Relief from insomnia can also be achieved through home remedies. A person suffering from this condition should exercise daily. If you consume alcohol and smoke, you should stop. Turn off all the lights in the room where you sleep, so that your sleep is not disturbed by light. One should not drink tea or coffee before sleeping. If you do not get any relief even after trying all these remedies, you should contact a doctor immediately.

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