Do not do these things even by mistake after eating corn, otherwise you will worry, know its disadvantages.

Water after Bhutta : Eating corn on rainy days is a different pleasure. Almost no one can say no to corn with lemon and spices in pouring rain. Corn is not only delicious to eat but is also considered very good for health. It is rich in fiber, calcium, vitamin C, vitamin B12. Some people think that drinking water after eating corn can be dangerous. In such a situation, know the reason.

Why You Shouldn’t Drink Water After Eating Corn
According to doctors, one should avoid drinking immediately after eating corn as it can cause many digestion-related problems. Due to the complex carbohydrates and starch present in corn, drinking water immediately after eating it can cause stomach upset. If you have problems like constipation, you should not drink water after eating corn. It can worsen the problem. Drinking water immediately after eating corn can also cause problems like gas and acidity.

Many people complain of flatulence and severe stomach pain after drinking water after eating corn. According to health experts, drinking water after eating corn can hamper the digestion process significantly. By doing this, the digestion process slows down. When the carbohydrates and starch present in corn come in contact with water, gases can get trapped in the stomach, which can cause flatulence, acidity, and severe stomach pain. If you are also experiencing these problems, check if you are also drinking water after eating corn.

How long after eating corn should you drink water?
After eating corn, you should wait at least 45 to 60 minutes to drink water. Apart from this, if you want to avoid digestive problems, apply lemon juice on corn and eat it, as it does not cause problems like gas and acidity.

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Corn Precautions
Whenever you eat corn, try to make sure that it is hot, fresh, roasted or boiled. Many things are made from corn, if it remains fresh, there are no stomach problems. Digestion also remains healthy. In such a situation, one should never drink water after eating corn and one should keep all these things in mind.

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