Do not wear new clothes without washing even by mistake…otherwise you will be playing with your health

Saftey Tips: In today’s era, everyone likes to do shopping. To follow the new trends, a lot of shopping is done especially for clothes. Some people go to the mall and some people buy clothes online sitting at home. We all have a very common habit while shopping for clothes, as soon as the cloth comes in hand, we try to wear it without thinking. But this habit of yours can land you in trouble. If you have bought any new clothes, then wash the clothes first and only then try them. If you do not do this then some diseases can surround you. Let us know what is the harm caused by wearing unwashed clothes.

Disadvantages of wearing new clothes without washing

1.Experts believe that when you buy clothes from a showroom or online, thousands of people see them wearing them. You do not even know that the person who is wearing this cloth has some kind of problem or has a skin infection. If you wear clothes without washing then you may be at risk of infection. You should first tame the clothes then wear it.

2.There is a risk of bacterial and viral infection by wearing unwashed clothes. You may have skin problems like irritation, rash, pimples. You also know that in hot summer people go to the mall to buy clothes. In such a situation, sweat and dust accumulate on their skin. People try clothes in this condition. In such a situation, some parts of their sweat, dust and boils stick on the clothes and when you wear them, you have to suffer from infection.

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3.Infection can also occur in your private parts. Many times people are seen wearing pants, jeans, touser. Don’t know if the person who has tried pant jeans may have some kind of infection. Some girls do shopping during periods, in such a situation, even if they have tried clothes, you may face problems. In such a situation, if you wear them without washing, then there can be many diseases including itching infection in the private part.

4.Many types of chemicals are used to maintain the quality of clothes in mall or online shopping clothes. Often you must have noticed that whenever you open your clothes, a good smell comes. This is a kind of chemical. It is used so that no germs and insects get into the clothes. If these chemicals come in contact with your skin, then you may also be allergic, so never wear clothes without washing them.

Disclaimer: Before following the methods, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article, do take the advice of a doctor or a related expert.

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