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Do you also feel frequent urination despite drinking less water? Is this not a disease

Urination Issue: As soon as the summer season starts, the intake of water increases more to keep yourself hydrated. When there is more water in the body, there is also a feeling of frequent urination. It is very common to urinate 5 to 8 times during summer. But sometimes some people feel the urge to urinate again and again at intervals of a few hours without drinking water. If this happens to anyone, then it can be a serious problem. Why this happens, to know what is the reason behind it, many regions came to the fore when we talked to the expert. About which we will know in detail in the next article.

reason for frequent urination

1.The need to urinate frequently is felt even when there is a problem of UTI i.e. urinary tract infection. Actually, due to infection, there is swelling in the bladder. Because of this he is unable to collect urine. That’s why as soon as the kidney filters the liquid, there is a feeling of urine coming.

2.If you drink less water, yet you feel frequent urination, then it can also be a sign of diabetes. Because people who are patients of diabetes, they come to the toilet again and again. Type 2 diabetes patients suffer the most from this problem.

3.If you have to go to the washroom again and again without drinking water, then the reason for this can also be the urinary bladder being more active. Apart from this, when the capacity of the bladder starts decreasing to collect urine or there is pressure on it, then this problem also occurs.

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4.If you have to go to the washroom again and again, then there can be an infection in your kidney as well. Frequent visits to the toilet due to kidney infection. If this is happening then kidney test should be done immediately. When kidney filters get damaged then there can be an increase in the urge to urinate.

5.If there is a problem of frequent urination in men, then it can also indicate the enlargement of the prostate gland. Let us tell you that in men, the prostate is a gland that lives around the urethra in the lower part of the bladder. This gland keeps on increasing throughout the life but when it starts getting bigger and bigger then it puts pressure on the urinary tract.

6.The need to urinate is also felt because of pelvic region week. In this problem, it is difficult to hold urine for a long time.

Disclaimer: Before following the methods, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article, do take the advice of a doctor or a related expert.

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