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Do you also make this mistake when buying bananas?

Banana is very beneficial for health. According to doctors, one should eat banana every day as it provides energy to the body. Because dietary fiber, vitamin C, vitamin B6 and manganese are found in banana. But it often happens that we go to buy a banana and it looks ripe on the outside, but when it comes time to eat it, it turns out to be raw and tasteless from the inside.

With the waste of money, the taste in the mouth also deteriorates. Today in this article we will explain in detail the special things to keep in mind while buying bananas.

Buy a banana only after identifying its color

Whenever you are going to buy a banana, first check its color because the color of the banana will tell you whether the banana you are buying is good or not? The yellower the color of the banana, the sweeter, tastier and healthier it will be. But you should avoid buying bananas whose color appears green because these bananas are under-ripe type. If other spots are visible on the banana, it is overripe and one should avoid buying such bananas. Because they spoil very quickly.

The size of the banana tells us what variety it is. If the size of the banana is small, it is a local banana. While large bananas are cut raw because you should not buy large bananas. It is not very beneficial because it is overripe.

Don’t take too many bananas at once

You should not buy too many bananas at a time as they spoil after being left for a long time. It often happens that people usually buy a dozen bananas. If there are not many people, buy bananas only as needed, as they spoil in 2-3 days.

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Don’t buy too chopped banana

Don’t buy any kind of banana just for the low price because traders always want to sell their spoiled and chopped bananas and people also buy them for the low price. Do not buy such bananas, even by mistake. Because these bananas spoil quickly and start rotting within 1-2 days. These bananas spoil very quickly and their consumption does not provide any health benefits.

Disclaimer: Some information provided in news is based on media reports. Before implementing any suggestion, you should consult the relevant expert.

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