Do you always eat while sitting on the bed? Improve this habit of yours, otherwise this rare disease will surround you

While some people use the dining table to eat food, some people find it more comfortable to eat on the bed. You must have heard many times from your elders saying that food should not be eaten while sitting on the bed. Because by doing this food is insulted. Some people even claim to have nightmares after eating while sitting on the bed. There is no such argument, on the basis of which eating while sitting on the bed can be justified. You will be surprised to know that this dirty habit can also have a bad effect on your health.

Samuel, a doctor living in Singapore, has shared a video related to this on Tiktok. He told that recently a strange case had come to the fore, in which a person was suffering from severe ear pain. When the doctor examined his ear, he was stunned. Because the cockroach was camping in the ear with its 10 children. All these cockroaches were eating the man’s ear. It was told that the person had a dirty habit. He always used to eat food sitting on the bed. Many times the food used to fall on the bed. Even if the sheet is washed, some particles of food go inside the mattress or to the bed, which starts harming the health.

Eardrums can burst!

Samuel also said that this is a rare occurrence. But still people should avoid doing this. Because this problem can happen to anyone at any time. Such cases were also heard from many countries, in which even the eardrums of the patient were torn and they became deaf. An entomologist told that if any place is most safe for any insect like cockroach, then it is the ears of the person. Because no person has access there. This is the reason that cockroach can raise its family well in the ears.

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Are cockroaches attracted by the smell of the ear?

Not only this, the smell coming from the ears also attracts many insects including cockroaches. If you ever feel something like this in your ears, then immediately add olive oil. Since hydrogen peroxide is present in this oil. So any insect can easily come out. Also, never insert any kind of device into the ear. This can harm you.

Disclaimer: Before following the methods, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article, do take the advice of a doctor or a related expert.

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