Do you keep washing your hands every minute? Is this habit of yours a dangerous mental disorder?

What Is OCD: In this run-of-the-mill life, the stress of work, poor lifestyle, poor diet has a great impact on our mental health. Due to the pressure of work, people are suffering from depression, anxiety and many types of mental illness. One problem is OCD which we know as Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. People suffering from this problem look very normal but the work they do is not normal… Further articles know the detail about OCD. everything from.

What is OCD? (OCD)

When we know OCD as a mental illness, then many kinds of thoughts start coming in our mind as if it is an insanity or a fatal disease. But if we read it carefully, then it is clear that obsessive means repeating any behavior again and again. That is, to think about the thoughts that come to our mind again and again and act influenced by them. These can be of both negative and positive types.

Now if we look at other words, it is compulsive, that is, if we feel that our hands are dirty, then we keep washing them again and again even without wanting to, and when this process keeps on repeating, then it becomes a kind of compulsion. There is compulsion of. Usually compulsion is done to get rid of obsession.

Most OCD patients are afraid of dirt. They usually have a compulsion to clean and wash their hands frequently. Some people repeatedly check things like whether the door is locked or not. Gas is off or not. Many people are afraid of getting in the grip of serious illness.

  Every time the report is negative, still getting the investigation done, have you come under the grip of this disease?

what are its symptoms


  • afraid of getting dirty
  • Sequencing obsession
  • be conscious of counting things
  • fear of hurting someone


  • washing hands frequently
  • frequent door checks
  • repeating the same thing over and over
  • hoard

To avoid any mental illness, you should pay attention to your lifestyle, diet, sleep and screen time. On the other hand, if you feel any of the symptoms mentioned above again and again, then you should contact a doctor.

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