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Do you know what problems women experience after an abortion? -GoMedia


Abortion is very painful for any woman. After this, many women fall into depression. Whenever a woman has a miscarriage, she faces common problems like vomiting, fever, bleeding, stomach ache, etc. But sometimes the problems some women face after an abortion are more serious. Such as bleeding, endotoxic shock, convulsions, uterine damage, etc. If the problem is not too serious at the time of the abortion, the woman recovers within a few days. If the problem is severe, it is natural to have difficulty conceiving.





Problems After Abortion (Problems After Abortion in Women in Hindi)


  • pain after an abortion


After a woman has an abortion, this period is very painful for that woman. For any woman, she Child It’s a big thing to lose. That’s why many women Mental a lot Tension It happens. before abortion Uterus Its size increases and gradually it returns to its normal size.

Sometimes during this period, infections and pain are more numerous. Some women complain of the formation of a clot a few days after an abortion. To reduce this pain, take medications and hot Icing with a water bag may be beneficial.


  • have heavy bleeding

It is normal for a woman to have light bleeding after an abortion and it can last for about 2 weeks. But when a woman bleeding If the flow is higher than normal, then these women need to change the pads 2 to 3 times within a few hours. The woman should contact her doctor immediately. This may indicate that there has been serious injury to the woman’s uterus or blood the vessels have closed or after an abortion fetus Some of it may have remained in the uterus.

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  • infection after an abortion

After an abortion, the infection spreads very quickly in the vagina and uterus of some women. An infection is any disease that quickly affects a woman. Infections after an abortion can be fatal for any woman; in such a situation, a woman should avoid sexual intercourse. In case of infection, do not be negligent and consult a doctor immediately. If you wish, you can also contact our doctor about this.


  • An ectopic pregnancy can cause a miscarriage

This is a problem that can affect women more. This ectopic pregnancy It is said. It also increases the risk of miscarriage. In this condition, during a woman’s pregnancy, eggs do not develop in the uterus, but rather in or around the fallopian tube. Due to such pregnancy, they may contract other diseases, but this does not harm the woman. Body Perhaps he will have to deal with issues like abortion.


  • Abortion increases the risk of infertility

A woman is more likely to be infertile after an abortion. Abortion has a direct impact on fertility; there may be difficulties in conceiving the next time. Abortion not only has a detrimental effect on the woman’s body, but this accident also affects her partner and other family members.

In this difficult time, if you wish, you can also consult a good psychiatrist. Prevention is better than cure and being prepared to face any situation. In these moments, be patient and act with courage. In this situation, you should also contact a doctor.



How many days after an abortion can a woman get pregnant again?


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You should wait at least 3 months after the abortion. This gives the woman’s body enough time to prepare to get pregnant again:


Here are some reasons to wait a while after an abortion:


  • Low medical risk: Indeed, if the abortion is due to a medical reason, giving time will improve the mother’s health.


  • Cures anemia: Women experience blood loss due to bleeding at the time of abortion or after an abortion, hence anemia This can be accomplished by stopping for a while, at which point you should have your HB checked and see a doctor. Must be shown. Must be shown. We should talk to you about it.


  • Best 3 to 6 months after abortion: It has been found that women who become pregnant within six months of an abortion have a lower risk of having a premature baby. Even the weight of their child is lower than that of the child of these women. Weight This was even better than those who conceived again within six months to a year after the abortion.



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