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Do you store leftover food in a plastic container in the fridge? quit your habit immediately

Health Tips : The use of plastic has increased to a great extent. Nowadays it is being used everywhere. Even plastic utensils are being used in homes. Some people even store leftover food in plastic utensils. Plastic utensils are considered good for microwave and oven but it has bad side effects on health. Many people consider keeping the leftover food of the day in the fridge as the right option. They do this every day but experts say that the use of plastic utensils can be harmful to health (Plastic Container Side Effects). They also advise to avoid it. Let us know what is right and what is wrong about the use of plastic utensils.

Can leftover food be kept in a plastic container?

According to experts, the leftover food should not be kept in the fridge by keeping it in any plastic utensil. Cooking, heating or storing food in these utensils is also not good for health. Therefore it should be avoided.

Where to use plastic utensils

According to experts, the use of plastic utensils is dangerous for health, knowing this, if people want to use it, then only certain types of plastic utensils should be bought. The use of polyethylene terephthalate plastic container is better than the rest. These are very different from the common plastic utensils and do not harm the health either.

Can plastic utensils be changed again and again?

Experts believe that plastic utensils should also be changed with time. Because by repeatedly using them and washing them, the chemicals present inside them reach the body along with food and can spoil not only the food but also the health. That’s why these utensils should also be changed with time.

  If you also eat paratha with tea, then change this habit from today itself.

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