Do your kids also take a dip in the swimming pool? read this before sending next time

Child Safety In Swimming Pool: The havoc of the scorching summer is in full swing. In such a situation, people try to get coolness by taking bath many times. Nowadays swimming has become a fun loving way of keeping the body cool. You and your children would also go to the swimming pool. But do you know that a lot of people take bath together in the swimming pool and from the point of view of health and safety, your child should be completely safe before sending them to the swimming pool. Let us know today what preparations you should make in advance before sending the child to the swimming pool.

Must have safety equipment with you
If your child is going to the swimming pool, then definitely send him floaters, eye glasses, ear plugs, caps etc. for the swimming pool. With this, your child will be safe while swimming and will be able to learn swimming properly and you too can be rest assured about the safety of the child. Ear plugs are very important to protect the child’s ear from infection and water. Apart from this, floaters will come in handy in protecting the child from getting hurt while swimming. To avoid the lack of water in the child’s body, keep a bottle of water with him before sending him to the pool because there is bound to be a lack of water in the body while swimming.

take care of allergies
There is a lot of chlorine in the swimming pool water. Apart from this, there are many types of bacteria in this water. If your child has any kind of allergy then this water can harm him. If the child has any kind of ear, nose or eye, or skin infection, do not send the child. Viral infection or urine infection, the child should not be sent for swimming before recovery.

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Take special care of cleanliness
You should be aware of how clean the pool you are sending the child to. Many times swimming pools become the cause of disease due to excessive bathing or dirt. Therefore, before sending the child, see whether the pool is completely clean or not. There is a lot of chlorine mixed in the pool water and this chlorine damages the skin a lot. Therefore, before swimming, apply waterproof sunscreen to the child so that his skin does not get damaged due to contact with any kind of chemical.

Presence of lifeguard and trainer is necessary
It is very important to have a lifeguard and a trainer in the pool where you are sending the child. With this the child will be safe in any emergency. There are no lifeguards at many places and there is a lot of danger to the children.

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