Does dengue affect not only the body but also the mind?

During the rainy season, we get relief from the heat but many diseases also become active. All these diseases are related to infections, especially bacterial and viral. As you know, as soon as the rains come, the cases of dengue fever increase rapidly. In the case of dengue fever, the platelets start dropping rapidly, but you will be surprised to know that dengue fever not only has adverse effects on the body but also on the brain and the entire neurological system of the body.

What do health experts say?

Senior Director and Head of Neurology Department, Fortis Hospital on Dengue and Dengue Related Neurological Problems. Dr. Praveen Gupta gave his views. He explained that Dengue is caused by mosquito bites. Mosquitoes start breeding rapidly during monsoon.

Although its initial symptoms resemble those of the flu. But you will be surprised to know that dengue fever also affects the neurological system of our body. The symptoms of dengue fever appear in several ways. But only one person in thousands has symptoms related to the brain. The dengue virus thus reaches the brain. That is why many symptoms related to the central nervous system appear on the body. The name of this disease is dengue encephalitis.

Neurological symptoms of dengue fever are observed in one in a thousand people. However, its cases are very few. Diseases caused by it include encephalitis, meningitis, and myelitis. In these conditions, the virus reaches the brain through the blood. Due to which, it causes swelling inside the brain and inflammation of the spinal cord and causes infection. Due to dengue encephalitis, shock syndrome begins. It is connected to the human brain. Due to dengue fever, neurological symptoms appear in humans. What is called encephalitis. This disease has a very adverse effect on the human mind. Due to this, many changes occur in the mental state of a person. The person may also fall into a coma.

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Neurological symptoms of dengue encephalitis

The person’s nervous system is completely damaged

< p>Often a person may fall into a coma

The person’s ability to think and understand is completely lost.

Many types of problems begin in the person’s mind.

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