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Does eating ghee during pregnancy facilitate normal delivery?

It is such a pleasure for a woman to become a mother. But this whole journey is very long and full of ups and downs. During this period, many kinds of hormonal changes take place in the body. At the same time, many kinds of things are also heard by people around. Like eating, it benefits the child. Eating like this harms the child. Many kinds of things. How much logic is there in these things? We will try to tell it through our article.

Actually, ABP Live Hindi “Myth versus Fact” A series has been launched on this subject. Through this series, all the myths of society regarding pregnancy have been dispelled. We will try to logically answer what people follow by considering it to be true.

“Myth versus Fact” We raise such questions in the series. Let’s try to get to the bottom of things. What is often used by people in colloquial language. For example, in our society, there are many things related to pregnancy that doctors consider to be myths. For example, drinking saffron milk during pregnancy makes the child’s complexion lighter, one should not eat papaya as it leads to miscarriage, sitting and washing during pregnancy leads to normal delivery. One should eat a lot of ghee during pregnancy, it leads to normal delivery. There are many things that science does not believe in. This Myth VS Truth Series Through this, we will present these things with facts to the general public. So that you do not find yourself trapped in the quagmire of conservative lies.

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Myths vs Facts: Does Eating Ghee During Pregnancy Lead To Normal Delivery? Tell Us What Doctors, Research & Science Say?

1. Fact checking: According to doctors, ghee does not facilitate childbirth or healing of the uterus. Ghee contains fats and if you eat more of it, your weight will definitely increase rapidly. Many people think that eating ghee in the third trimester of pregnancy will lead to normal delivery. Or delivery will become easier. But there is no truth in this. The child also does not become too fair by eating ghee. However, eating ghee increases weight very quickly during pregnancy. Eating too much ghee will increase weight and delivery will become very difficult.

2. Fact checking: Ghee is one of the main ingredients used in Indian cuisine. When a woman is pregnant, the elders in the family often ask her to eat ghee. Eating ghee during pregnancy is beneficial for a woman’s overall health. It helps in digestion, nourishes both baby and mom, and is a good source of healthy fats. But the most important thing is how you eat ghee.

3. Fact checking: You can eat ghee during pregnancy, but one spoon daily with food. Because ghee is rich in essential vitamins like vitamins A, D, E and K. Which are important for overall health during pregnancy.

4. Fact checking: Ghee contains healthy fats. It contains fatty acids (MCFA). Which is very good for the child’s brain. Ghee is good for the physical and brain development of the child, but it is very important that the pregnant woman eats it properly.

Disclaimer: Some information given in the news is based on media reports. Before implementing any suggestion, you must consult the concerned expert.

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