Does the height of girls really not increase after periods?

Periods Unknown Facs: Whether it is a boy or a girl, a good height is considered very important for any personality. Confidence also comes from a good personality. At the same time, many types of myths are spread in the society regarding the height of girls. It is believed that the height of girls stops after periods. Is it true or just a myth? Is there really a connection between periods and height of girls? Or are these just hearsay.

When does the height of girls stop

The height of girls increases from 14 to 15 years. After that it stops. Height can increase for a few years after the onset of periods. Please tell that height sometimes depends on health and genetics as well. Girls whose parents are both tall, their height increases even after periods.

How does puberty affect height?

According to research, puberty in girls occurs at the age of 8-13 years. The growth of girls is highest in the age group of 10 to 14 years. That’s why it would be absolutely wrong to say that the height of girls does not increase after periods. Because even after having periods, the height of girls increases by 1-2 inches.

How is the growth of boys and girls different?

The age of puberty of boys and girls is different. Growth spurt occurs in girls from the age of 12 to 15 years. Whereas in boys it happens till the age of 16 years.

Let us know what precautions should be taken after the arrival of periods so that the height of girls and hormonal changes do not affect their height. Know from Dr. Sonam Gupta, Senior Consultant and Gynecologist of the Asian Institute of Medical Sciences.

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Height of girls can increase up to 25 years

If a girl is taking the right diet. Along with good sleep which is essential for health, then their height increases substantially for a period of time. That’s why eating right is very important before or after periods, especially when a child is of growing age.

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