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Does the sound of gurgling come from your stomach even after eating, this could be the reason, keep the stomach light like this

Stomach Growling Reason: It is said that before eating i.e. when hungry, the sound of jaggery comes from the stomach, which means that the stomach is empty. But many times such sound comes even after eating and often at any time. This sound coming from the stomach after eating is called Stomach Growling. Although after eating, when the food passes through the intestine, it is bound to make such a sound sometimes from the stomach. But if every time such a sound is coming from the stomach after a meal, then it becomes necessary to take it seriously. Actually, when the food passes through the intestine in the process of digestion, then the muscles of the digestive system get compressed and change their shape and this sound comes from it. But when there is any problem in the intestine then also such sound comes. This happens because we are doing some mistake in our diet and way of eating. 
Serious causes of rumbling in the abdomen   
Sometimes due to drinking too many drinks, such a sound comes from the stomach. Actually, when you take more carbonated drinks in a short time, then gas bubbles are formed in the stomach and due to this, the sound of jaggery comes from the stomach. Even after the disorder of gastroparesis, the sound starts coming from the stomach because during this time small The movement of food in the intestine slows down or stops. Another reason for this could be pregnancy. Due to the growth of the uterus and changes in hormones, the sound comes from the stomach. Apart from this, even if there is any kind of disturbance in the intestine, the sound of gur gur comes from the stomach. 
How to stop rumbling 
To stop this sound coming from the stomach, you need to consider some special methods. Avoid drinking too much water at once. If you want to drink water, sip it and drink it slowly. Develop the habit of chewing it well while eating. Consider reducing the intake of sour things and alcohol. The problem of Stomach Growling can be overcome by avoiding the things that make gas in the stomach. Exercise regularly and do not keep the stomach empty for a long time. If such problem occurs again and again, then you must also consult a doctor.
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