Does your child also start crying while holding his stomach before going to the bathroom? Maybe kidney disease

Parents usually ignore their children’s digestive problems, dismissing them as a minor gas problem. It often appears that the child has eaten something wrong. For this reason, there has been an infection in the stomach or there has been gas in the stomach due to the diet. However, if your child has had serious digestive problems for a long time, then this could be a symptom of kidney disease.

Do not ignore any small problem faced by the child, because it can take a serious form and you will not even be able to know it. Today in this article we will know in detail how digestive problems in children can be the first symptoms of kidney disease?

This is how it affects the kidneys

The kidney is very important for our body because it filters the blood and removes dirt from it. If the kidneys are not functioning properly, dirt begins to accumulate in the person’s body. As a result, digestive problems appear and can be the first symptoms of a serious illness. Digestive system disorders can also affect the kidney function of the human body.

Signs of kidney disease in children

Nausea and vomiting: Kidney problems can also be seen through common symptoms such as regular nausea and vomiting. When the kidneys are not able to properly remove dirt and toxic substances from the body, this dirt begins to spread into the bloodstream. When the body tries to eliminate these wastes, it mainly causes nausea and vomiting.

Stomach pain:If the pain in the lower back or side of the stomach lasts for a while or occurs repeatedly, then it is one of the common symptoms of kidney stones or infection. Kidney stones cause intense pain. Sometimes it’s not even bearable and its effect is felt all the way to the stomach.

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Loss of appetite and weight loss:This problem is one of the possible consequences of kidney disease. The accumulation of numerous wastes in the body leads to a loss of appetite and, ultimately, weight loss. Children also begin to become weak in the same way. This affects their nutritional status and development.

Change in urination: This symptom cannot be identified easily, but this kidney related problem is very common due to digestive problems. You should observe if the child feels pain when urinating or if there is blood in the urine. This also indicates kidney disease.

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