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Eating artificial sugar can cause cancer, revealed in research

In today’s modern lifestyle, keeping weight under control is a challenge in itself. But in the process of weight control, we often make a mistake. Now the question arises that what is that mistake? Actually, they are worried about health and avoid taking sugar in food and use artificial sugar instead. For your information, let us tell you that this artificial sugar is very dangerous for your health. And it is so dangerous that it can make you a victim of a disease like cancer. We are not saying this, but it has been revealed recently in the research report of ‘University of North Carolina’.  

This frightening revelation happened in the research

Researchers at ‘North Carolina State University’ and ‘University of North Carolina’ found that a special type of chemical found in the artificial sugar sucralose-6-acetate, sucralose, damages DNA. Is. Trace amounts of sucralose-6-acetate can be found in off-the-shelf brands of the sweetener, and this is also lethal. A scientist who led this study said that this discovery found that a contaminant and metabolite of sucralose can damage DNA in human blood tissue and damage human genes.

How can artificial sugar cause cancer?

Many people use artificial sugar to control sugar. But this artificial sugar is harming you. According to research, it can also cause diseases like cancer. ABP spoke to Dr. M Vali on this research. Those who told about this research that first of all its name artificial itself is telling a lot. People have consumed more aspertame. People who are taking tea, lemon water, milk in everything, there is a risk of breast cancer and it has been proved. Sugar is not forbidden completely in sugar, you can also eat it by regulating the cycle, like less sweet tea, less sweet. Plant-based good products are coming in the market, about which it is being said that they are better, although there will be research about them only then it will be known properly. Many things have come out from this, so you should also be more careful about your health and avoid artificial sweeteners which directly affect your health.

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